fireWe all love to see a crackling fire. Most of us love the idea of cuddling with a loved one, while taking in a warm fire. Did you know there is a potential hazard to this? If the chimney isn’t cleaned properly, lives could be lost. This is no joke. Each year lives are lost, not to mention the collateral damage that is found. Millions of dollars are lost in property damage. This could be all from just one house. If you let things go to far you’ll be dipping in to your Brooklyn insurance policy.

This can all be prevented. How?

It can be prevented by getting a routine chimney cleaning done. I suggest getting it done twice a year, depending on how often, you use it. The flue is the most important part. The flue is what carries the smoke out of the chimney pipe and out of the house. This is why you need to keep the area clean. If the flue is obstructed, this can prove to be a problem.

Not only does a routine cleaning keep the chimney working effectively, it also prevents buildup. The buildup primarily happens with the creosote.

The reason why people love fires so much, is because of the creosote. The creosote is what carries everything out of the house. When the creosote takes the smoke up, it can stick to the wall of the chimney. This is only natural. The only problems are that over time it can become thick. The idea is to catch it before it becomes too thick. Once it becomes too thick, you stand the chance of things catching on fire. This is when the situation can get really bad.

The other problem is when it becomes to thick, it can spread to other areas of the house. This can lead to the destruction of your belongings and your own health.

Beware_of_carbon_monoxideAnother issue that can arise is the flow of carbon monoxide. This is known as the silent killer. Carbon monoxide is known as very dangerous agent. It can impact the health and lives of everyone. If there is a thick buildup of creosote, it can affect the flow. This can also prove to be dangerous. This is why you need to get a routine chimney repair or cleaning done.

What should you do while waiting for your carbon monoxide issue to be resolved? Take a vacation! For exmaple you could visit the beautiful state of Georgia and get around town using an Atlanta limo service.


  1. A burning smell, even when the fireplace is not on.
  2. A buildup of soot in the damper.
  3. Smoke being seen inside the home, even after the fire is gone.


This is up the person. You can do this for yourself, but bare in mind a few things. This is going to be a dirty job. You will be breathing in heavy smoke, could cause future health problems. You’ll have to be okay with wearing ratty clothing. This is not a job to be wearing your Sunday’s best.

Some chimneys even contain traces of lead paint. It’s best to leave that sort of cleanup to the experts and call in a NYC paint stripping company to handle the paint removal for you.

It might be better to hire someone to do. A professional has been trained. He knows what to look for and how to clean or repair the chimney properly. Can you say the same?

In all our years of living here in New York, we have never seen a more qualified cash heating oil supplier that knew exactly how to treat their customers.